Ethical Principles for Reviewers
  1. Reviewers should act with the awareness that they are the main determinants of the academic quality of the article to be published in the journal and should evaluate with the responsibility of increasing the academic quality.
  2. Reviewers should only accept to referee articles for which they have the necessary expertise to make an appropriate assessment, can respect the confidentiality of blind peer review, and keep the details of the article confidential at all times.
  3. After the article review process, any information about the reviewed article should not be shared with others in any way.
  4. Reviewers should only evaluate the accuracy of the content of the articles and their compliance with academic criteria. The fact that the opinions expressed in the article are different from the opinions of the referee should not affect the evaluation.
  5. Reviewers reports should be objective and measured. Insulting, derogatory and accusatory expressions should definitely be avoided.
  6. Reviewers should avoid superficial and vague expressions in their evaluation reports. In the evaluations with negative results, the deficient and faulty points on which the result is based should be shown in a concrete way.
  7. The reviewers should evaluate the articles within the time allotted to them. If they are not going to review, they should notify the journal within a reasonable time.