The Journal of Political and Social Studies is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year, in February and August. The Journal of Political and Social Studies aims to help the researches and scientific studies to be shared, negotiated and evaluated by the scientific community, market and those interested. The Journal of Political and Social Studies, which is an academic journal,  aims to publish scientific articles at national and international level. The language of the journal is Turkish and English.

Articles submitted to our journal are subjected to double-blind peer-review. In addition, all articles are checked for plagiarism with the iThenticate program to avoid plagiarism. No fee is charged from the authors for the acceptance, evaluation and publication of their article.


The scope of our journal consists of the following fields in general:

Political Science (Political Science, Comparative Politics, History of Political Thought, Turkish Political Life, Political Ideologies, Turkish and Islamic Political Thought, Political Psychology, Political Anthropology)

International Relations (International Relations, Political History, International Law, Diplomatic History, Globalization, Terrorism, Security, Foreign Policy)

Sociology (Security Sociology, Migration Sociology, Political Sociology, International Relations Sociology)

In addition to the fields mentioned, Middle Eastern Studies, Mediterranean Studies, Asian Studies, African Studies and Ottoman Studies are also included in our journal.

In addition, our journal primarily aims to include interdisciplinary studies, especially in the scope of the above-mentioned fields.